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Welcome to VC Sport! Distributors of sports equipment
Whether you're cycling, running or swimming, we're with you on your way to the top - achieve your dreams with our high quality equipment! We specialise in cycling wheels, triathlon equipment, accessories and accessories, designed to optimise your performance and take you to the next level. No matter what your discipline, at VC Sport you will find what you need to excel and reach your goals.

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Logo 361

Running 361/Cat

Running 361/Gato is a Chinese brand of sportswear and footwear for runners. Its products feature advanced technologies such as durable rubber soles, shock absorption and breathable fabrics.

Rogelli logo


Rogelli is a Dutch sportswear brand for cycling, triathlon, running and fitness. Their products are known for their quality and durability, designed with breathable, wind and water resistant fabrics.


Profile Design

Profile Design is a Californian bicycle accessory brand focused on triathlon and time trial products. It offers aerodynamic handlebars, bottle cages and hydration systems to optimise performance and rider comfort.

Wahoo Logo


Wahoo is a sports technology brand based in Atlanta. It offers training devices for cyclists and runners, such as heart rate monitors, power meters, speed sensors and smart bike trainers. Its products stand out for their innovation and ease of use.

VC Sport

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