Founded in 2016, this brand was created with the initial aim of breaking into the world of running shoes. Despite the fact that the running world already has many footwear brands, we believe that we can carve out a niche for ourselves thanks to our honesty and exceptional product.

We firmly believe in supporting local commerce and, for this reason, our shoes can be found in specialised shops in your area. In these establishments, you will be able to discover and purchase our products designed to meet your needs.

Shoes 361
Shoes 361

Experience and proximity to the brokerage community

We pride ourselves on being a team of industry experts. We have built 361° as a brand and company close to the running community, with a focus on providing specific solutions. Our shoes are designed to meet the particular experiences of each runner, adapting to their needs and demands.

Looking for sports shoes designed for comfort and performance? At VCsport, we distribute 361, a brand that guarantees quality and style. If you have any doubts or need a quote, contact us. If you prefer to meet us in person, we are here We look forward to seeing you!