2021 pedal range

Speedplay general characteristics

i. Single double-sided road pedal

Speedplay introduces a unique double-sided road pedal, offering versatility and comfort to the rider.

ii. Customised adjustment

This pedal offers a better fit, thanks to its three types of cleat adjustment and the possibility of varying the Q factor with different axle sizes on the steel Zero model. It distinguishes itself by offering four sizes and the possibility to customise the pedal to your liking.

iii. Improved power transmission

The cleat hugs the pedal, allowing the foot to be closer to the axle. This provides a more direct transmission of power when pedalling.

iv. Optimised aerodynamics

As the foot is closer to the axle, better aerodynamics are achieved at the pedal. In addition, the rider is positioned lower, improving overall aerodynamics. The minimalist design of the pedal/cleat assembly, especially on the Aero model, also contributes to improved aerodynamics.

Improvements to the 2.0 range

i. Reduced maintenance

Lubrication of the cleat and pedal bearing is no longer necessary thanks to the German triple-sealed bearing. This ensures minimum maintenance and avoids frequent greasing of the cleat.

ii. Two types of cove

Two cleats are available: firm and soft cleats. Foot entry and exit in the soft cleat is easier. Both cleats are compatible with the new pedal models.

iii. Increased durability

The pedals were redesigned using less plastic and more metal, resulting in a longer product life.

iv. Launch of new potentiometer

The launch of the new potentiometer is announced, with delivery expected in June.

Product range 2021

Speedplay Product Range 2021

i. Aero

Steel axle and only one side fixed on one side, with aero coating on the other side. 53 mm shaft.

RRP 279.99

ii. Nano

Titanium axle and carbon body, weight 84 grams, 53 mm axle.

RRP 449.99

iii. Zero

Steel shaft 11 gr, 53 mm (shaft sizes 56, 59, 65 mm available in Q4).

RRP 229.99

iv. Comp

Chromoly shaft 116 gr, 53 mm.

RRP 149.99

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