43ASC Moulded Carbon Extensions

Introducing New 43ASC Moulded Carbon Extensions for a Superior Cycling Experience

Improve Aerodynamics and Bike Position

The new 43ASC moulded carbon extensions are designed to improve aerodynamics and the rider's position on the bike. With an 87mm rise and 43° angle, these extensions offer an elevated arm and wrist position, optimising comfort and performance while cycling.

Features and Technical Specifications

43ASC moulded carbon extensions are made of high quality materials and have the following features:

  • Diameter: 22.2 mm, ensuring compatibility with most road and triathlon bikes.
  • Weight: Guaranteed lightweight at only 230 g per pair, reducing the load on the bike and improving manoeuvrability.
  • Length: 400 mm, providing adequate support for arms and wrists.
  • Rise: With a 107 mm rise, these extensions improve rider posture, reducing fatigue and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Drop: A total drop of 16 mm, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic position.
  • Minimum size: With a minimum size of 290 mm, these extensions are suitable for a wide range of riders and riding styles.

The new 43ASC moulded carbon extensions are an excellent investment for riders looking to improve their riding experience by optimising aerodynamics and position on the bike. Don't wait any longer and get your 43ASC extensions today!