Aeria Ultimate Fitting and Aeria Hydration System: Maximum Comfort and Fit on the Bike

Profile Design's Aeria Ultimate linkage allows you to find the perfect position on the bike, offering maximum mobility and adjustability for an aerodynamic and comfortable riding position.

Maximum Power in Aerodynamic Position

With the Aeria Ultimate linkage, you'll be able to put out maximum power in an aerodynamic position that fits your physique. This linkage gives you a competitive advantage by improving your performance and efficiency during training and competition.

Customisation and Optimum Fit

The design of the Aeria Ultimate coupler allows for a wide variety of adjustments, making it easy to customise to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you need to adjust the height, angle or distance between your arms, this coupler offers the versatility you need to find the most comfortable and efficient position.

Aeria Hydration System: Keep your Hydration to the Maximum

The Aeria hydration system, designed to integrate seamlessly with the Aeria Ultimate harness, allows you to stay hydrated during your rides without compromising your aerodynamic position. This hydration system is easy to install and offers quick and convenient access to your drink while keeping your hands on the bar.

Perfect Combination to Enhance Your Cycling Experience

The combination of the Aeria Ultimate coupling and Aeria hydration system provides the ideal solution for cyclists looking to improve their performance and comfort on the bike. Find out how these products can help you achieve your goals and take your cycling experience to the next level.