Wahoo/Speedplay Potentiometer

Discover the New Wahoo Speedplay Potentiometer: Innovation and Performance in Cycling

Road cycling and triathlon specific design

We are proud to announce the new line of Wahoo Speedplay potentiometers, designed specifically for road cycling and triathlon. These potentiometers incorporate advanced technology and are the only ones to offer a double sided linkage.

Improvements in performance and lifetime

Wahoo's update increases the performance and lifespan of Speedplay pedals. The revamped models feature a lower stack and better aerodynamics than other systems, as well as the best buoyancy adjustment. All while maintaining the quality experience that defines Wahoo products.

Wahoo Speedplay Speedplay Potentiometer Highlights

Combined pedal and power potentiometer

The Wahoo Speedplay potentiometer includes power from both pedals, providing actual data with a deviation of up to 1%. With this tool, you can get the most out of every workout. The 75+ hour rechargeable battery will allow you to train without worrying about charging, and its LEDS will remind you when the potentiometer needs to be recharged.

Temperature compensation and automatic calibration

The POWRLINK ZERO provides accurate data within a temperature range and automatically calibrates itself to the temperature each time you start training. So you can focus on your training without worrying about settings or calibrations.

Measuring power per foot

The dual model POWRLINK ZERO offers power measurement per foot, providing additional information to analyse and improve efficiency, posture or recovery from injury.

Dual power and advantages of the Speedplay platform

The POWRLINK ZERO potentiometer is built on the Speedplay platform, allowing you to enjoy all the advantages of these pedals: double sided, adjustment on all three axles, additional cleat adjustments, sealed bearings, ride, feel and weight. These pedals offer a unique experience.

Prices and package contents

  • Double power: €999.99
  • Single-sided: €649.99

Included in the box are:

  • Left and right pedals (power measurement only for single-sided models)
  • Washers (x2)
  • Standard tension shims
  • Charging cable and separation clip
  • User guide and additional product information