Meet the KICKR ROLLR: Innovation and Technology in Rollers for Cyclists. Safety and Stability with Front Wheel Fixation.

Wahoo/Speedplay Potentiometer

Discover the new Wahoo Speedplay Potentiometer: Innovation and Performance in Cycling Specific design for road and triathlon cycling


Peter Sagan a convinced leader Wahoo has reinvented the way you use GPS now in an easy and intuitive way from your phone.

See Sence (lights)

See.Sense: Innovative Technology for Increased Cycling Safety See.Sense has developed a revolutionary technology in the world of cycling that, when applied to everyday cycling, increases safety and represents a substantial improvement for the cycling community. ACE and ICON Models: Smart Sensors and Versatile Adapters The ACE (125 lumens) and ICON models have been designed to...

Aeria Ultimate Coupling & Aeria Hydration System

Aeria Ultimate Fit and Aeria Hydration System: Maximum Comfort and Fit on the Bike The Aeria Ultimate Fit from Profile Design allows you to find the perfect position on the bike, offering maximum mobility and adjustability for an aerodynamic and comfortable riding position. Maximum Power in an Aerodynamic Position With the Aeria Ultimate linkage, you'll be able to print...


Technology In Rogelli apart from using the latest generation fabrics, softshell, lycra, spandex... we develop and modify fabrics to ensure that each garment has the appropriate technologies for each modality and use. Therefore look at the technology label and you will see the performance and functionality of the garment (depending on the type of cycling, running...).